- Nominated for Dutch Buma Award for Best Original Music in Advertising 2019 with Hennep Uitvaart

See an article (in Dutch) on the nomination here


Thomasmusic is a company owned by Dutch music producer and multi instrumentalist Thomas Kalksma. With years of experience in music and sound for brands, film and games, he is able to handle projects of any size. He maintains a network of top level music professionals, and works with them as a creative, music supervisor or project manager.

Agencies and production companies he has worked for are Wenneker, The Solos, Ogilvy & Mather, Buutvrij, Pup Creative Agency, Pieter van Huystee, The Merge, Halal Film and New Amsterdam Film Company.

Thomas is based in Amsterdam, and releases music  as Kalkovich and Tomii
Kalkovich recently gained millions of streams with his debut co-release together with LittleKings and Zoë Low.

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