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Thomasmusic is the company of Dutch composer and musician Thomas Kalksma.

Solo, or with the help of a team of world class pros, Thomas works on music, sound design, sound effects and audio for advertising, film, games and apps. Fifteen years of experience will ensure every project is handled smoothly from start to finish.

Services Thomasmusic provides include bespoke music composition and production, song creation, sound design, sound effect creation, music supervision, audio mixing, voice over selection + voice recording, music searches, audio consulting and licensing.

Agencies , TV stations and production companies Thomasmusic has worked for are DDB Amsterdam, Wenneker, The Solos, EO, AVROTROS, Ogilvy Amsterdam, Buutvrij, Pieter van Huystee, The Merge, Halal Film and New Amsterdam Film Company.

Thomas is based in Utrecht and is also releasing pop music as Kalkovich with over 30 million streams across all platforms.

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